Dozzy Group is committed to, and actively supports the safety of its subsidiaries, workers, environment and the community. To this end, we have developed policies and procedures to ensure safeguarding the health and safety of the aforementioned in these manners:

To build, fine-tune and implement an effective and hardy health and safety management system;

To provide regular training and resources to employees towards all health, safety and environmental dealings and operations in the Group;

To establish adequate and effective crisis management for potential emergencies, crisis and any disruptions in a prompt manner;

To minimize to the best of the Group’s ability, all potentially negative impacts on the environment, on land, air and sea, during the course of the Group’s dealings;

To comply with the legal requirements of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for health and safety in all its subsidiaries and arms of the Group respectively;

To report all health and safety related incidents and/or mishaps to the necessary and appropriate authorities;

To ensure regular auditing and performance checks with the Group’s audit and compliance committees in all subsidiaries and arms;

To regularly update the health and safety policies on an annual basis.

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