Dozzy Group is committed to applying high ethical standards to the community and its workers. Corporate Social Responsibility is a vital part of fulfilling the Group’s corporate strategy on both practical and ethical grounds, and to this end, Dozzy Group supports and will continue said support of social, environmental and ethical matters when considering its occupational practices. These include:

Maintaining the highest ethical standards in carrying out its business activities in relation to gifting, cordiality, corruption, fraud, inside information and other similar acts;

Promoting and supporting the rights and opportunities of workers and potential workers to seek, acquire and hold employment without any discrimination whatsoever;

Maintaining a very strict policy towards enticement;

Providing a safe, tolerant and peaceful environment, especially in relation to bullying, harassment, intimidation and discrimination of every kind;

Carrying out all the necessary requirements to ensure the Group is true and just in all its dealings with partners, contractors and supplies in all subsidiaries and arms.

Dozzy Group has made and will continue to make meaningful contributions to all its host communities in the following areas:

Construction/maintenance of roads and culverts; provision of pipe-borne water, and electricity, among others;

Contribution to charitable organizations and the less-privileged works, schools and other training programmes;

Contribution to NGOs and other development-oriented agencies.

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