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In March 2014, Dozzy Integrated Power Limited emerged as the Preferred Bidder for the takeover of the Federal Government of Nigeria’s stake in the 380MW Egbema Power generating plant at the price USD415M (Four Hundred and Fifteen Million US Dollar).

This success followed a competitive bid round which attracted over 600 financial and technical bids for the power generating plants. The company has since posted the required Preferred Bidder’s Bank Guarantee, awaiting the maturity of the other milestones towards the takeover of the plant.


The power plant is under construction and consists of the following items:

  • Three gas turbines model PG9171Emanufactured by GE equipped with DLN burners for NOx reduction and a combustion life extension system. Each gas turbine is rated at 126.9 MW gross at ISO ambient conditions.
  • Three generators model BDAX 9-450 ERH manufactured by BRUSH Electrical Machines Ltd. Each generator is rated at 141.25 MVA at site reference conditions.
  • Three unit step-up transformers (15/343kV) each rated 143 MVA
  • Three unit auxiliary transformers (15/6.6kV) each rated 8 MVA
  • Three unit auxiliary transformers (6.6/0.435Kv) each rated 1.25 MVA
  • 330/132/33Kv substation (to be transferred to TCN)
  • Black start facility consisting of two diesel generator units, each 2.8 MW capacity One emergency diesel generator 0.9MW capacity
  • Cooling water systems and waste water disposal systems
  • Instrument and control air supply system
  • GTG control system and Distributed Control System
  • Central Control Room
  • Gas supply infrastructure
  • Electricity evacuation facilities
  • Workshop and warehouse
  • Administration building

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