Dozzy Group - Oil And Gas

Since its incorporation in 1994, Dozzy Oil and Gas Ltd has followed a consistent and well-thought out plan, enabling us strategically place ourselves in a position to lead the downstream sector of the country’s oil and gas industry.

DOZZY OIL’S core business activity is in the downstream petroleum products marketing
and distribution which involves procurement of various petroleum products and industrial
raw materials, manufacturing of lubricants, storage, sales and distribution of petroleum products

The petroleum products include various grades of base oils DPK AGO PMS LPFO Lubricants.

The business of petroleum product marketing and distribution is carried out with


  • Depots for storage Blending Facilities
  • Filling Stations Trucks (delivery trucks)
  • Private Jetty

All consumers of petroleum products and industrial raw materials. We service all the sectors that need petroleum products to: Lubricate and power their plants and machines;
Power and lubricate their vessels and vehicles. Powers and lubricate heavy duties for their construction projects. These are the CRITICAL SECTORS of the ECONOMY.


In a country of about 140 million people consuming litres of PMS a day, more less the same figure for DPK and AGO. The challenge of getting these products these products to every area of the country is really against the backdrop of dilapidated roads, practically non existence rail and marine transport systems, which would have helped in the transport and distribution of the products.

Petroleum product distribution in our climate is peculiarly challenging and requires innovative solutions. Part of this solution entails Butanization Programme (deliberate localization of rockets of storage depots nationwide, thereby making the products as near as possible to the markets.


We are predominantly a petroleum products marketing and distribution company. It is an industry that grows in leaps and bounds which requires a proactive growth plan to take advantage of the anticipated industry.

This entails further investments in the Operating Assets in particular which may not come in the same form as today but may require adaptation and innovations.

So we foresee an improvement on the company’s market shareholding by a combination of Organic Growth and Outright Acquisitions of smaller organizations whose business model fit

into our business programme.

One major area of specialization of Dozzy Oil and Gas Ltd is the blending of base oil for the manufacture of top-of-the-range lubricants, engine oil and other allied products. Over the years that Dozzy Oil and Gas Ltd has been in business, the company has made an art of blending base oil into different branded, SON certifified, products which have a wide application in the automotive and heavy machinery industry.

The need to expand our productive capacity and to create more employment opportunities led to the establishment of other subsidiaries under the Oil and Gas operations: like Specialty Oil Co. Ltd, which also carries on business as blenders.Similar to Dozzy Oil and Gas, it also has a fully installed blending plant also located at Onitsha. The plant has the capacity to blend 48 million liters on continuous 2 shift production roaster.

Over the years other companies have been established to leverage on our oil and gas
operations. The companies are all thriving and contributing to the overall growth of the Group. The combined workforce of our oil and gas operation is in excess of 300 skilled and semi
skilled people. Training is constantly given in the areas of safety, product handling and other occupational hazards.



Towards the end of 2013, the company completed her investments in two (2) potentially prolific oil blocs in the South/South zone of Nigeria with a shareholding of 20% in each of the oil blocs fully paid for.

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